ATV/UTV Lock-up

ATV/UTV Lock-up

  1. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR ATV/UTV; Including at home and when in transit on trailer or truck bed.  
  2. DON'T LOCK YOUR ATV/UTV IN THE SAME LOCATION all the time -- thieves notice patterns.
  3. THIEVES GO FOR THE EASIEST TARGET; lock in a location where there are other vehicles if you have the option.
  4. WHEN SECURING YOUR ATV, use a Kryptonite cable to also immobilize the steering function of the vehicle.
  5. ALWAYS SECURE ACCESSORIES, especially those that can be easily removed like helmets and jackets.
  6. IF USING A KRYPTONITE DISC LOCK on your brake, use a Kyrptonite reminder cable to prevent riding away with the lock still engaged.


Use of the disc lock can help prevent roll away theft. When using a pin-style disc lock, place the pin through a hole in the rotor. When using a shackle style disc lock, place the shackle towards the center of the disc brake if possible.

CHAIN OR u-lock

When using your primary lock, whether it be a chain or u-lock, it is important to capture both the immovable object, and the frame of the ATV/UTV. When on the trail, securing 2 ATV/UTV's together by capturing both frames is a good idea as well.

maximum security

For maximum protection, Kryptonite recommends using two locks: a disc lock to prevent roll away theft, as well as a chain or u-lock to an immovable object to prevent lift away theft. Make sure the chain or u-lock is capturing the frame of the ATV/UTV.