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How to Lock Your Bicycle

Frame Only- U-Lock or Chain:

There may be an instance where due to either an oddly shaped locking structure, the size of your lock, or the size of your bike, where you’re limited in what you’re able to capture in your lock-up. In this case the frame should be the priority of the lock-up.

Frame and Rear Wheel – U-lock or Chain:

Much better than the Frame Only Lock-Up, in this scenario you are able to capture the frame, rear wheel, and the immovable object all within the lock.

Frame, Rear, and Front Wheel – U-Lock and Cable:

This is a very popular locking method with uses the U-Lock to capture the frame, rear wheel, and immovable object, and the u-lock shackle also acts as an anchor for a double looped cable that captures the front wheel.

Frame, Rear, and Front Wheel – Two U-Lock Method:

This method is highly effective and uses two, typically primary locks, either chains, u-locks, or a combination of the two. One of the locks secures the rear wheel and the frame to the immovable object, while the other lock secures the front wheel to the frame.