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How to Secure Your ATV/UTV

For maximum security protection, Kryptonite recommends using two locks such as a Kryptonite Security Chain and a U-Lock or Disc Lock. The Kryptonite chain is placed around a fixed, immovable object and through the frame of the ATV/UTV to prevent against lift-away theft. In addition, use a Kryptonite disc lock or u-lock on the rotor of the ATV where applicable to prevent against roll-away theft. Two security devices equal more protection and more time for a thief to have to work!

Helpful lock-up tips:

  • Always lock your ATV/UTV; including at home and when in transit on trailer or truck bed
  • Don’t lock your ATV/UTV in the same location all the time – thieves notice patterns
  • Thieves go for the easiest target; lock in a location where there are other vehicles if you have the option
  • When securing your UTV, it is important to use a Kryptonite cable to also immobilize the steering function of the vehicle
  • Always secure accessories, especially those that can be easily removed like helmets and jackets.

ATV Lock-up Options – Kryptonite’s Product Offering for ATVs.