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We've learned over the years that our customers are just like us – passionate about their locks and the things they secure. Many take the time to write to us about their locks or their experience with our fabulous customer service team. We wanted to share a few of their comments with you here.

Hello Krypronite team, I received the spare keys some days ago. Thanks a lot!!! After all this time, free of charge, fast and easy! I still cannot believe that in these days there is a company that actually practices customer relationship in real instead of bloomy and fraudulent talking about it in high glossy sales brochures and web portals! I’ll recommend your products to my friends and children (3) and children’s children... - WK, Berlin, Germany/February 2009

I live in downtown Houston, TX and have a New York Lock. I just walked downstairs and found a bum with bolt cutters the size of my arm going at my bike lock as hard as he could. I scared him off and found that the only damage he could do was to cut the plastic casing of the lock. I don’t think he even scratched the metal itself. Now I’m convinced. Keep up the good work, foiling thieves one by one. B.E. Houston, TX/December 2008

Thank you for your quick response. I certainly appreciate your great customer service. My family is a very loyal customer. My four kids, my husband and I are all avid cyclists and most of us are equipped with Kryptonite locks. - CT - via email/February 2009

What a marvelous company you run there! You’ll have me talking about your company in glowing terms for years to come. PG, Australia/February 2009

Thank you so much for helping me out with the new Kryptonite lock. It arrived today and I will be putting it to good use. I’m developing a new website and I’ll be sure to put a link on there to Kryptonite’s website for awesome customer service. You have gone above and beyond and I really appreciate it. – RC, Los Angeles, CA/February 2009

The spare keys arrived during the week – many thanks. It is really great to find a company that believes in customer service. To celebrate, I went out and bought a Kryptonite cable to use with my 20(?) year old lock in high risk areas - LE, Dublin, Ireland/February 2009

Your professionalism and understanding along with the great product in Kryptonite has won over another customer for life. Thank you so much for a great lock and unbelievable customer service. I will refer all of my friends and family to Kryptonite when security is a priority.- JL, Salem, OR/January 2009

I have used Kryptonite products exclusively for years, and have been extremely happy with the quality and usefulness of all the Kryptonite products. – MW, Oakland, CA/February 2009

Thank you very much for your generous offer to replace my son’s bike lock. As an owner of a small business, I greatly appreciate the “ beyond the call of duty” service you are providing, and have passed on your name to any and all who will listen. You have earned a customer for life! - Doug C. WA

My job trailer has had a serious problem with a rash of break-ins. Recently I installed your Kryptonite padlock on the two doors and now thieves cannot get by the lock. They’ve tried cutting it with a hack saw, using bolt cutters and even tried to drill it out, to no avail. However, they finally broke in by going through the trailer wall. You’ve got a great lock but if someone wants to ge in, they will. Keep up the great work. JM via email/January 2009

Hello, just to say many thanks for replacing my broken lock, you have the best customer service that I have ever encountered. Many thanks again. EM, UK/January 2009

Keep the letters and emails coming! We really do value your feedback.