Scooter Lock-up

How to Secure Your Scooter

Always take the time to properly lock your scooter. For maximum security protection, Kryptonite recommends using two locks such as a Kryptonite Security Chain and a U-Lock or Disc Lock. The Kryptonite chain is placed around a fixed, immovable object and through the frame or the floor board area of the scooter to prevent against lift-away theft. In addition, use a Kryptonite disc lock or u-lock on the rotor of the scooter to prevent against roll-away theft. Two security devices equal more protection and more time for a thief to have to work!

Helpful lock-up tips:

  • Always lock your scooter including at home- whether in a garage, outdoor shed, in your yard, or a parking garage.
  • Don’t lock your scooter in the same location all the time – thieves notice patterns
  • Thieves go for the easiest target: lock in a location where there are other vehicles if you have the option
  • Be sure that your Kryptonite chain cannot be lifted over the seat or the handlebar area when locked.

Scooter Lock-up Options – Kryptonite’s Product Offering for both Classic and Touring Scooters.