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Kryptonite Security. Your way.

When you lock up your bike during daily stops, the lock-up situation varies greatly. Quite often it is hard to find one lock with the versatility and adaptability suitable for your needs. Now there is a solution.

Kryptonite MODULUS™ is an innovative modular locking system that adapts to virtually any situation. The patent-pending design allows you at attach the lock to any spot on a bike frame and provides you with the ability to customize the lock with a choice of cable styles and lengths.

The MODULUS™ Locking System

  • Single lock head works with various accessory cable styles and lengths to provide maximum versatility
  • Lock head features two double deadbolt secured locking ports; each cable end can be removed separately while the other end is retained
  • 10mm braided steel cables are available in coiled or straight variations
  • Coiled cables are easy to carry while in transit
  • Straight cables provide flexibility and stay pliable in colder climates
  • Cables are offered in two styles; continuous cables for quick, standard style lock-ups and noose cables for lighter weight usage or double security locking
  • Advanced wafer style cylinder allows double-cut key to always work no matter which way it is inserted

The MODULUS™ Transport System
The MODULUS™ security system features an innovative bracket solution.
  • The bracket can be attached to bikes in multiple locations and can be mounted two ways.
    • Flexible nylon strap included for "no tools" mounting on any shaped bike frame tube up to 80mm in diameter
    • Bracket can attach to water bottle braze-on mounts
  • The lock head easily slides onto the bracket and does not need to be removed when locking the bike, allowing for faster lock-ups.


The Products
The MODULUS™ product line consists of security system pre-packs and accessories. You should start by purchasing a pre-packed security system, which includes a lock head, two keys, a transportation bracket and varying cable(s). As your needs change additional accessories can be purchased. The locks are designed for use in low to moderate crime areas, for secondary bicycle security or can crossover and secure a variety of other outdoor sports gear.
Products Products
1018S Security System
Continuous cable security for both wheels and the frame, for quick security without compromise.
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1010S Security System
Use one noose and save weight, or use both at once for double security. Can also connect both for longer cable length.
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Products Products Products
1018A Accessory Cable
Straight, continuous cable use for flexibility and pliability in colder areas.
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1015A Accessory Cable
Straight, noose style cable use for less weight or more security.
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Accessory Bracket
Great for use on car racks or secondary bikes.
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"How To" Videos & Pictures
Click here to watch "how to" lock head and bracket installation videos and for more in-use photos.
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