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Accessory Bracket

Evolution™ Mini
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Modulus™ Accessory Bracket
Designed for use with the Modulus Security System; great for use on car racks or on other bikes.
SKU – 000495

Accessory bracket designed for use with the Modulus™ Security System; use on trunk or roof racks to security your bikes during transport or use extra brackets on your other bikes for multi-lock use.
  • Includes: Bracket transport system
  • Designed to work exclusively with the Modulus™ locking head
  • Two methods of mounting; "no tools" strap mount or frame braze-on mount
  • Strap fits virtually all tube shapes and sizes up to 80mm in diameter
  • Patent-pending, multi-location bracket mounts almost anywhere on the bike
  • Leave lock head attached to bracket for faster lock up. For proper lock up, wrap cable through bike frame/accessories and around a fixed object.
  • Includes rubber frame protector
  • Quick-release tab for easy lock head removal
"How To" Videos & Pictures
Click here to watch "how to" lock head and bracket installation videos and for more in-use photos.
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