24/7 Security for ATVs & UTVs

With the growing popularity of the ATV and UTV categories, the theft of these vehicles is becoming more and more prevalent. Regardless of whether an ATV/UTV owner lives in a metro, suburban or rural neighborhood, security of their ATV/UTV should be a top concern as many thieves are just looking for an opportunity. ATV/UTV owners who live in rural areas and perceive security to be non-essential – remember it is not always where you live but where you ride. If you travel with the ATV/UTV vehicle on a trailer and are stopping off the interstate for gas, lunch, etc your vehicle is a target. If you are attending larger group rides, rallies or festivals, your vehicle is a target.

Kryptonite’s RealTime, a GPS-based security and locating system, offers peace of mind for ATV/UTV owners. Employing the same satellite technology used by most navigation systems, RealTime utilizes a web-based control panel to instantly and accurately locate your ATV/UTV from any web-enabled computer, smart phone or tablet. In addition to providing a map and street address (where available) for the location of the vehicle, the RealTime control panel lets users access optional features such as a remote starter disable/enable function and text or email security alerts.

Product Features

  • Compact and discrete
  • Rugged design (vibration resistant and waterproof)
  • Only draws 4mA (doesn't drain battery)
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Simple, uncomplicated control panel
  • Real-time tracking
  • Starter disable/enable (optional relay installation)
  • Alarm notification

Questions? Need additional information? Email us at realtime@irco.com.

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