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Bicycle Security

Do you know what level of security you need? Where you lock your bike and for how long are two important considerations when choosing your security level. Generally, bikes locked for longer periods of time or bikes locked on college campuses or in urban areas should use higher security. Need help choosing the right lock? Click here for our How to Choose Bicycle Security Chart.

New York Lock M18-WL (only available in Europe)
New York Fahgettaboudit Mini
New York Legend Chain 1590
New York Legend Chain 1515
New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1410
New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415
New York Lock Standard
New York Lock MC
New York Chain 1210
New York Chain 1217
New York Noose 1275
New York Noose 1213
Evolution series 4 Standard
Evolution series 4 LS
Evolution™ Series 4 1055 Mini Integrated Chain
Evolution™ Series 4 1090 Integrated Chain
Evolution™ Series 4 1016 Integrated Chain
Evolution Mini-5
Evolution Mini-7 w/ 4' Flex
Evolution Mini-9
Evolution LITE Mini-6
Chain & Moly (Available this Winter)
Messenger Mini (Available this Winter)
Messenger Mini+ (Available this Winter)
KryptoLok series 2 Standard
KryptoLok series 2 Standard w/ 4' Flex
KryptoLok series 2 LS
KryptoLok series 2 ATB
KryptoLok series 2 Mini-7
KryptoLok Combo
KryptoLok® Series 2 955 Mini Integrated Chain
KryptoLok® Series 2 995 Integrated Chain
KryptoLok® Series 2 915 Integrated Chain
KryptoLok series 2 955 Mini & Transport-R Bag Combo
KryptoLok series 2 Mini-7 w/4' Flex (Available this winter)
KryptoLok series 2 Mini-7 Color Series (Pearly White)
KryptoLok series 2 Mini-7 Color Series (Merlot)
KryptoLok series 2 Mini-7 Color Series (Lt. Blue)
KryptoLok series 2 Mini-7 Color Series (Lt. Orange)
Keeper 12 Standard
Keeper 12 LS
Keeper Chain 880
Keeper 785 Integrated Chain
Keeper 755 Mini Integrated Chain (Available this winter)
Keeper 785 Integrated Chain Color Series (Red)
Keeper 785 Integrated Chain Color Series (Purple)
Keeper 785 Integrated Chain Color Series (Gray)
Keeper 785 Chain & Tube-R Carrier Combo Set
HardWire 2085 Key Cable
HardWire 2018 Key Cable
HardWire 1518 Key Cable
KryptoFlex 1565 Key Cable
KryptoFlex 1565 Combo Cable
KryptoFlex 1518 Key Cable
KryptoFlex 1218 Key Cable
KryptoFlex 1218 Combo Cable
KryptoFlex 1230 Key Cable
KryptoFlex 1230 Combo Cable
Modulus 1018S Security System
Modulus 1010S Security System
KryptoFlex 1018 Key Cable
KryptoFlex 1018 Combo Cable
Mini U-Lock Color Skin Blue
Mini U-Lock Color Skin Pink
Mini U-Lock Color Skin Purple
Mini U-Lock Color Skin Red
Mini U-Lock Color Skin White
Modulus 1018A Accessory Cable
Modulus 1015A Accessory Cable
Modulus Accessory Bracket
KryptoFlex 815 Key Cable
KryptoFlex 818 Loop Cable & Key Padlock
KryptoFlex 815 Combo Cable
Keeper 712 Combo Cable
KryptoFlex 525 Double Loop Cable
KryptoFlex 410 Double Loop Cable
KryptoFlex 710 Double Loop Cable
KryptoFlex 3010 Double Loop Cable
Stainless Steel Round Padlock
Gripper Dial Padlock
Laminated Steel Padlock 45mm
Stronghold Anchor
Bicycle ID Kit
Transit FlexFrame-U Bracket
Transit H-Bar Carrier
Transit Transport-R Chain Bag
Transit Tube-R Chain Carrier
R2 Pocket Lock