Legendary Stories

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The Legend Begins…

A legendary test for Kryptonite's new bicycle locks came in 1972. The Second Avenue Bicycle Shop in New York City locked a three-speed bicycle to a signpost in Greenwich Village under Kryptonite founder Michael Zane's direction. Although all of the removable parts were immediately stripped by thieves, the bicycle itself remained for thirty days and thirty nights. The Kryptonite lock and the bike frame were still in place, even though the lock had been attacked numerous times. Publicity from this event gave Kryptonite the boost it needed, forever changing the face of bicycle security.


The Legend Grows…

Twenty-two years later, Kryptonite returned to the streets of the Big Apple to test its latest innovation - The New York Lock. In April, 1994, the New York Post laid down the ultimate challenge: Could Kryptonite's New York Lock last 48 hours on the toughest streets of New York? Michael Zane and Neil McDaid, Director, Product Development and Design, set out to prove, once again, Kryptonite was up to the test.

In a city where over 100,000 bikes were stolen each year, Kryptonite and the New York Post took a brand new, bright green Univega road bike worth $600 and locked it to a parking meter in the East Village; the "Bermuda Triangle" of New York bicycle thievery. For a full 48 hours, the bike remained locked on the corner of Avenue A and 11th Street.

Subsisting on cold coffee and a strong belief in their product Zane and McDaid watched from around the corner and witnessed as the bike came under every possible means of assault, stumping thieves at every turn. After 48 hours the bike remained intact except for the gear derailer, which had been stripped off. The lock showed definite signs of abuse, but it had not failed. The New York Lock had met the Post's challenge. page 2