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Kryptonite Bike Revolution Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a Kryptonite Bike Revolution Bicycle ID Kit?
  1. The Bicycle ID Kit provides you with an additional visual deterrent which adds a layer of protection against bike theft.
  2. The purchase of the tags encourages you to register your bike. Bikes that are stolen and are not registered have only a 2% chance of recovery. Registered bikes have a 10x higher recovery rate.
  3. If your bike gets stolen, you have the power of mobile technology and social media to alert the local cycling community who will keep an eye out for your bike.
Remember the tags are meant to be used as an additional layer of security – another deterrent. If given the choice, a thief will most likely attempt to steal an unmarked, unregistered bicycle over an anti-theft branded bike that is registered. Thieves are looking for quick merchandise they can sell and tagged bikes are harder to sell to other thieves or the general public who may be looking to purchase a second hand bike. The key to protection is getting the serial number registered.You should always use a Kryptonite lock to secure your bike. A good lock, coupled with anti-theft stickers will thwart many thieves.

Locks = prevention.
Tags = additional deterrent and aid in stolen bike recovery.

Are the tags removable or can they be easily destroyed?

The tags are built to withstand attacks but can be damaged with effort. However, the tags are made with the strongest adhesive available on the market. If a thief tries to remove a tag it could damage the bike and will leave evidence that the bike was tagged. Additionally, the tags themselves are made to “destruct”, which means they come off in tiny pieces, rather than in one large peel. It would take a thief considerable time and effort to destroy 2-3 tags. Tags that have been tampered with can still be read.

Even if a tag is destroyed, the bike and serial number are still registered and connected to the global registration community and are traceable.

What type of information is needed for bicycle registration?

You will need your serial number, bike description and contact details. You can also add detailed descriptions, photos, identifying marks, date of purchase, where you purchased, etc. We only ask for information that will help to identify your bike and prove you are the proper owner. You can have one or multiple bikes in your account and each one will have its own unique Pulse ID number. You will need to purchase a Bicycle ID Kit for each bike you intend to register. After each bike is registered, you will be sent a Certificate of Registration, by email. This will hold all the information, photos and details of the bike and should be kept with insurance documents.

Can a bicycle be registered without purchasing a Bicycle ID Kit?

Yes, anyone can register their bicycle with Bike Revolution for free. Anyone who has a bike registered with Bike Revolution can send out Stolen Bike Alerts even if they do not have Pulse ID tags on their bike. The Bicycle ID Kit adds another layer of protection (a visual deterrent) and can aid in the recovery of the bike.

What happens if my bike is stolen?

If you have registered your bike with Bike Revolution do the following:
  1. Go to the Bike Revolution website and log into your account.
  2. Send out a Stolen Bike Alert through the Bike Revolution website.
  3. Localized Stolen Bike Alerts are sent to the Bike Revolution Community – followers on Facebook and Twitter, local authorities, bike shops and cycling clubs.
In addition, you should also file a police report within 72 hours of the theft and call your insurance company (if the bicycle had insurance coverage).

What should I do if I scan a bike and see a “stolen” status?

If you scan a tag and the bike’s status is “stolen”, you should go to and click the “Contact Us” button. Bike Revolution then publishes this information on the site and uses social networking tools to spread the word. Localized Stolen Bike Alerts are sent to Bike Revolution’s followers on Facebook and Twitter, the bike owner, local authorities, bike shops and cycling clubs.

What should someone do if they receive a Stolen Bike Alert and see a thief with a stolen bike?

DO NOT confront the thief! You should call the police first and then report it at If you can SAFELY gain access to the bike, scan the tag with your smartphone. You can also email or SMS Bike Revolution with details of where you saw the bike last. Bike Revolution will send out a Stolen Bike Alert immediately.

You should always call the police first and tell them you believe you are witnessing a bike theft in progress and give them all the details.

Kryptonite and Bike Revolution do not encourage or condone any person confronting a possible thief under any circumstances.
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