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The Kryptonite and Bike Revolution partnership provides cyclists with a FREE global bike registration service designed to reduce bike theft and aid recovery. Using mobile technology and social networking, Bike Revolution offers cyclists new ways to protect and recover their bikes, if stolen. Cyclists register their bike at no cost on the Bike Revolution website. For additional protection, a rider can purchase a Kryptonite Bike Revolution Bicycle ID Kit which includes anti-theft Pulse ID tags.


The Pulse ID tag is a unique, tamper-resistant, weatherproof ID tag that includes a QR barcode used to identify a bike’s status. Any person with a smartphone who has downloaded a free 2D barcode application can scan a tagged bicycle. The scanned tag links directly to that bike in the secure Bike Revolution database and provides the status of the bike. If the bike is listed as stolen, Bike Revolution publishes this information on the site and uses social networking tools to spread the word. Localized Stolen Bike Alerts are sent to Bike Revolution’s followers on Facebook and Twitter, the bike owner, local authorities, bike shops and cycling clubs.


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Register and tag your bike. Download a free app and turn your phone into a mobile scanner. Join the community of Bike Detectives and help stop bike theft.

The Kryptonite Bike Revolution Bicycle ID Kit includes 3 Pulse ID tags – one large tag and two small tags. The large tag should get placed on the top tube or down tube of your bicycle. The smaller tags should get placed underneath the frame near the bottom bracket (where the two pedal arms join the bike) or on the frame nearest the seat (not the seat tube).

After you purchase a Bicycle ID Kit, tag your bike then:
  1. Register the bike. If the bike is already registered, enter the Pulse ID number into the registration area fields meant for that purpose and click finish.
  2. Test the tag by using your smartphone and any free 2D barcode reading application available to you and read the tag. The scanned tag will link to the Bike Revolution website and list the status of the newly tagged bike.
  3. Get riding!

The Kryptonite Bike Revolution Bicycle ID Kits will be available at select bicycle dealers later this year.

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