Bike Messengers

In every city you can see bike messengers whizzing through the streets, narrowly missing a cab that's changing lanes or side mirrors of parked cars. You think they are funky and fast. We think they are cool and some of the best product testers in the world. We call many our personal friends.

We are proud to have supported messenger specific events for decades. From local alleycats to Cycle Messenger World Championships, if there is a gathering of messengers there will be plenty of Kryptonite to go around. We are the preferred lock of most messengers worldwide.

We are so supportive of messengers and what they do that we were the first company to support the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund, and we're happy to support those that have supported us for so long.

Next time you see a messenger flying by you on his or her way to making an on-time delivery, check out the lock they carry - chances are it's an Evolution Mini and chances are it's in their back pocket. Go on, look.